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THE O.C. WORKOUT DERAILED ME This morning I got up at the crack of dawn and rushed through my morning routine sans makeup to get to work and snag a ride with my boss down to OC to do a class with the trainer who is like Sherri Oterri to the 10th power of energy. There were 10 of us on our team and by the time I'd finished my coffee and arrived I declared that I couldn't workout, it was too early... it was 8:30 A.M. Far too early to physically exert myself. But Xenia, who I'd seen in the trainer's workouts before, came up and stated that it was THE PERFECT time to JAM! Xenia got all of us up on our feet and jammin away with our trainer for an hour. Holy Shit! I think I re-injured my shoulder! Can we all just embrace my utter wimpiness? Give my wimpiness a nice comforting hug. MMMMMMM there there little wimpy upper body, you're OK little fragile shoulders.... Hopping in the showers at the club with all of my co-workers was an experience. S'all I'll say on
B-TO-THE-E IT'S A JOKE RIGHT? I just read an article in the Trib about a new beer being launched: "Going against the grain in courting the young cocktail crowd, beermaker Anheuser-Busch Cos. is launching a new "brew" to go head-to-head with classic mixed drinks -- traditional suds spiked with caffeine, fruit flavoring, herbal guarana and ginseng. The world's largest brewer's nationwide rollout this week of B-to-the-E -- the "B" standing for beer, the "E" for something "extra" and shown as an exponent of B -- came as beermakers look to piggyback strides liquor companies have made in luring young consumers to flavored and mixed drinks." B-to-the-motherfuckin-E?! The only customers who are going to belly up to the bar and order that drink would be some ghetto fabulous ladies man. The average "young customer" isn't going to be caught dead calling that out over the raucous bar crowd. Ordering B-to-the-E
THE MASSAGE So last Friday I took advice from MK and made an appointment for a massage. My upper back muscles were a bit overworked, and not just from my new trainer, mostly it was aggravated from some monotonous mousing and typing in a non-ergonomic desk set up at my office. To exonerate MK, she did not make any recommendation for where I should get said massage. I just quickly called a spa near my home and made an appointment: "Do you have a preference that your masseuse be male or female?" "No." "Spencer has an availability at 3:00 on Saturday." "Great." So I got all of my errands done Saturday morning and lugging groceries and furniture during my white tornado cleaning fete made my massage all the more precious. So I cruised over for the appointment and arrived just in time. I only had time get into my robe and flick through a STYLE magazine before Spencer came to the "quiet" room to claim me. I realized that I'd
NO MILLION DOLLAR BABY FOR ME, A MILLION DOLLAR BODY FOR ME & SHUT UP ABOUT THE NAIL! So yesterday Joe was off for the MLK holiday and treated himself to some of the movies that he'd been wanting to see. He started out with Sideways and then saw Million Dollar Baby. Thank fucking God I didn't go see it. I'm scarred just by hearing what happens in the last part of the movie! Nice earnest hard working dreamer gets sucker punched and her neck broken and begs for death and gets leg amputated due to gangrene and covered with bed sores and finally put out of her misery… Count me the fuck out! Why am I such a wimp? Why would such a movie break my heart? What is wrong with me? Look what happened after watching Mystic River. I had to write my own happy ending just to be able to sleep. Perhaps there is some sort of brain therapy I could undergo or shock treatment that would deaden that reaction to mere movies. So what else is new? Joe has been doing fabulously with his ne
THE NAKED NIGHTMARE! I just read this in the Chicago Trib… and I can relate… "Naked intruder reported twice in Neuqua Valley NAPERVILLE -- Naperville police are looking for a man who walked around naked at two recent sporting events involving girls at Neuqua Valley High School. Police said the most recent incident occurred Sunday morning during a swim meet involving local clubs. A mother of one of the swimmers went looking for her daughter and encountered a man in his 30s standing naked in the girls locker room. The woman confronted the man, and he went into the men's room, police said. Team officials called police, but, by the time they arrived, the man had left, police said. On Dec. 12 at a girls basketball game, several parents told police they saw the man walking naked in a hallway. No children encountered the man at either event, police said. The man was videotaped both times by security cameras at the school. Police described the intruder as less th
THE FLOOD CONTINUES & ANOTHER TEST GROUP BEGINS Yup blub blub blub Wilshire is under water and at the office (on Wilshire Blvd) our parking garage attendants need scuba gear. We have hills sliding down onto houses and some homes just collapsing into rivers. Our infrastructure out here is just pathetic. This would never happen in Seattle where they build for rainy conditions. Here they build a 500 sq ft home on 200 sq ft of land and just hang the rest off the cliff assuming that the cliff will never erode... and that's what cliffs do... THEY ERODE! It was funny though, this weekend while Wilshire was filling up (and we only live 2 blocks off of it) Joe's mom and dad were calling to ask if we were OK. We were snuggled under blankets watching movies with the kitties and didn't answer the phone. Finally on Monday morning I grabbed the phone and they asked if we were OK... my laughing response was, "We live up in a massive high-rise building. The street flooding w
THE RAIN CONTINUES, MY LITTLE FINANCIAL QUANDRY & NO PLASTIC ONLY PAPER?! This weekend it rained non-stop. Buckets, torrents, and rivers worth. Yup, due to the odd California penchant to build high-priced homes on shoddy hillsides, the news is filled with toppling or collapsing homes. Joe and I are so pleased that we didn't throw all of our money away to buy one of them. The front lawn of my building is a lake. We have enormous sinkholes that have shut down parts of the mighty 405 freeway, but I don't know if any commuters have noticed since you just sit on the 405 until you blow a gasket and inch toward an off-ramp and get the Hell off of it. Which is the same as what they're doing today… Not only is the underground garage at my office underwater, but if you look up onto the cement walls, they're covered with little rivulets of water, so um, the walls and thus the entire structure of not only the garage, but my office building appears to have been waterlogg
STUNT DRIVING OR DARE? and SHOULDER BACK IN THE GAME Yes, I'm back. I've been doing everything under the sun lately except blogging. But last night I was so flabbergasted, I said to myself, "Well, this is blog worthy…" and realized that I'd left the blog for far too long. So here's what happened: I left work last night around 6:15 and it was already completely dark. I wound my way through the button-hook of streets that leads to 6th Street and straight to my apartmen -- and as I turned onto 6th I slammed on my brakes. A car was in my lane, but facing me with his lights on. I instantly thought that they were driving towards me but realized that they were backing up. He was backing up eastbound in the eastbound lane of 6th… This was very disconcerting for me. I stared into his car and there he was, looking over his shoulder moseying backwards toward Fairfax. The cars ahead of him, and all of us heading east came to a stop for a red light and he turned