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HALLOWEEN PARTIES & LIVING WITH RUFUS It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Fall! This is the time of year when I typically would be moved to make big changes: move to anther state, break off a relationship, buy a shiny new car, experiment with frosted green eye shadow, you know, things like that. And while the changes in my life have become less overt -I haven’t moved from LA in 10 years and haven’t ditched a beau in 8 years, it’s also the time of year to dress up! So 2 weekends ago Joe and I cruised into the party store in our farmer’s market and grabbed costumes. Now, let me just say that I don’t have any problem with every other woman on the planet dressing up as sluts – I just don’t prescribe to that particular philosophy myself.* I grabbed a St. Pauli Girl German beer garden dress and while it is quite short, I am not sporting fishnet stockings and stilettos. A) because an authentic beer garden waitress wouldn’t wear them and B) I do happen to own classic black clogs
BACK FROM PARADISE! I’m home and can’t help but feel like one of the people on that Celebrity Cruise commercials, “I was treated as royalty. My room was filled with long stemmed roses. My butler knew just how I liked my tea. I consider this a temporary exile…” We jetted off to Hawaii and upon arrival at the charming outdoor airport we were greeted by a woman from the resort who mothered us by commandeering our luggage, not letting us carry anything, asking us if we had to use the rest room before boarding our car to our destination. What was our destination like? Um, well, I’ve never been to heaven before, but, yeah, I guess that when your mind can’t conceive of anything better – you’re in heaven. We had a big spacious hale “holly” had bouquets, macadamia goodies and a free mini-bar along with Jacuzzi tub and separate shower, comfy day-bed, king bed, chaise lounge, fresh Kona coffee beans, and on our private deck a 4 person hot tub. Did I mention that our private hale and deck had
SO BUSY, SO LONG & KISS MY BACK What have I been up to that I’ve been too busy to blog? Well, as you know, typically Joe and I prize our down time on the weekends and go to elaborate lengths to avoid driving or any obligations on Saturday or Sunday. We mooch around the apartment and local establishments, we nap, we chill, we take long baths, we power lounge (in between errands & house hold chores). Last Wednesday Joe called me in a dither, “Hey! Ivy! You’re not going to believe what I’ve done… I accepted that invitation to the Neon Cruise and that’s this Friday, Jackie’s party is Saturday and Eric & Paige’s wedding is Sunday.” I let my breath out slowly, “So we’re booked solid you’re telling me?” “Yes.” “No chance you got any dates confused and one or more of these events isn’t this weekend?” “No.” “OK.” So Friday night we grabbed our Vince Vaughn twin Nick and headed downtown LA to the Museum of Neon Art. Lovely, great people, sparkly neon. Then we climbed onto a D