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OK, so the holiday season was going fine, but Joe got me sick with some cold he's been struggling with and I feel that my head and sinuses are going to explode. I've had 2 days off work now and all I do is lay in bed or on the sofas dying -- under the covers sweating or on top of the covers shivering. This would be somewhat bearable except Evadnae is so fucking happy that I'm home near him that he ignores my attempts to keep him from getting some awful mutation of this illness and attatches himself to the top of my head in a state of bliss. Hugging and PURRING.

This causes me to wake from a flu-induced stupor covered with drool and sheened with sweat with a cat covering my head like a swimcap clutched to my head so fervently and purring so deeply that he's shaking my fillings loose. In mideaval times if a cure for life-threatening influenza was my intrepid cat Evadnae, the town physician would send me home with the perscription: "Just…
Ah yes. There are some joys and some pains that go with living smack in the center of Los Angeles and right across the street from The Grove. The joys of walking in bright shiny sunshine across the street and into the welcoming bosom of Nordstrom with its welcoming shoe department. The joys of leaving my car keys at home, slapping my sunglasses on and slipping my American Express into my pocket. Ah, traveling light for a bit of holiday shopping. The pain comes when I’m lugging an insane number of enormous bags back across the street that becomes particularly cruel torture as the handles dig into my fingers and the bags bash into my shins, knees, thighs or wherever the bags can make contact with my poor gams.

I was given a secret santa card and noticed that the gift listed was only available at Macy’s. Sorry. Not doing Macy’s this year. The Ivy secret santa isn’t driving to a mall. So it was champagne from Cost Plus World Market. Fa La La La Bubbly.

Ivy Revealed!
Yes, you can all stop e-mailing me. Dave has shown me how to add pictures to my blog. Now I just need to evaluate what images I am comfortable sharing with you... I think I'll let Joe be the judge since he's much more level-headed than I...

... but here is when I wrecked Joe's bumper on my birthday getaway to Big Sur:

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I’ve been thinking about this body of mine that I just expect to be healthy and um, yes, I’ll just be blunt – fabulous. What don’t I know about my body? So it was intrepid Lara to the rescue, “Here’s the number to my GP (general practitioner to those in the know) and she’s very thorough, make an appointment to go get a good physical.”

Hmmm, excellent advice since I’ve gotten dire news of my sister’s health. How dire? Well, I recently got a call that she’d been in the hospital over the Thanksgiving holiday unconscious for days having convulsions and twice bit through her respirator tube due to the severity of the episodes and once inhaling the broken tube down into her lungs. Now she is out, and while she feels good, she has the husky voice of Betty Davis in her later years - due to all of the inserting of things down her throat and all doncha know.

Gee, you think you know what the fuck’s going on with your friends and family don’t you? Here I am leav…