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A BUSINESS TRIP Hello? Anybody in here? Well, I'll just tiptoe in while no one is watching and do a quick update. Hi, I'm Ivy and I used to blog here. Oh yeah, I've heard the complaints that I used to be so prolific... but I'm fresh out of 'I Give A Shit' so I'll just cut to an update of my life. Hmmm, where to begin... one of my projects had me and my team jumping on an early flight to San Francisco to do a little reality TV at the home of a woman who is a big huge fan of our products, and in particular, one of our trainers - um, whom I'll call "DJCJ". So Lara and I arrive at LAX and are rushing to get through security when we get a call from the camera crew who are boarding the plane. Lara assures them that we’re close behind. Then Lara’s phone rings and it’s DJCJ who is not even through ticketing and doesn’t stand much of a chance of getting through security before the plane departs. Lara has selected a fabulous designer bag and boots fo