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So I come back from running an errand on Saturday and swoop in to kiss Joe.

Me: Hey Sweetie. What’cha doin?
Joe: Some work (typing on his Mac he looks up at me and then back down at the screen)
Me: Oh. Cool. Notice anything? (I gesture to the general vicinity of my face)
Joe: Um (looking up at my face) you pierced your nose.
Me: YES! I pierced my nose!

I know that Joe doesn’t normally listen to what I say, which explains the recurring “Who’s on 3rd” routine we do that goes like this:

My cell phone rings.
Joe: Where are you?
Me: I’m at Tony’s
Joe: I’ve been calling you at home and at the office and was frustrated that I couldn’t reach you.
Me: I told you that I had to go to Tony’s from 2 to 6 tonight.
Joe: You did? When?
Me: Last night over dinner and then again this morning while we poured our coffee.
Joe: Oh.

Or any variation you can imagine.

Joe: Why is your suitcase out? Are you putting it in storage?
Me: No, I’m packing tonight for the trip to Philly.
Joe: Oh. When are you leaving?