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MIKE HOLMES FOR PRESIDENT I guess it was a few months ago, while at Goose & Marianne's that I glanced up at the TV and saw this brawny Nordic fella in overalls demolishing someone's basement while speaking knowledgably about what a previous contractor had done incorrectly in the basement. I flopped down on the couch and watched as he showed dangerous wiring, badly installed plumbing and structural issues that had compromised the load-bearing components of the entire house. I had discovered Mike Holmes, a 2nd generation master contractor from Canada and his show Holmes on Homes. He is some kind of contracting angel whose motto is "Make It Right" and shows up like The Wolf in Pulp Fiction to fix everything when things have gotten about as bad as they can get. He never cuts corners, even if it's allowed by code and he knows every minute code specification by heart whether it's ventilation, roofing, foundation, you name it. Discovery Home Channel airs episod