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I'M ON FI-AH! Actually, I almost was on fire. How did that happen? Well, it was one of our trainer's fault. Then it was my fault. Oddly, for the first time in a while, none of the fault was Spike's -- she however was unable to improve the situation as she kept sending notes from her Blackberry to our CEO, President and lead council. Ha! I would have really had fun with the texting hilarity, but I was driving through um, how should I describe it? um, HELL. Firey molten flames. Yes. That is what it was. OK, so DJCJ is creating this amazing new fitness program down in the OC and Spike and I are supposed to take the class at 6:00 in the morning on Wednesday. No prob. However, I've tried to get up at 4:00 A.M. and drive down to the farthest side of the OC in the past and workout with CJ and it was not optimal. I was exhausted. I hadn't had my coffee and on top of it, had to shower with my collegues at Gold's Gym if you all remember that particular post. And while I
PATTIE NOVAK FOR VICE PRESIDENT So, picking up where I left off over a month ago, I've found the perfect VP for Mike Holmes. Pattie Novak from Confessions of a Matchmaker! She owns a matchmaking service in Buffalo New York, which is apparently the "Lonely Hearts Capital of the United States" - who knew? So Pattie now has her own show on cable that follows the process of her assisting people who are looking for love. Why do I think she's the perfect VP for our country? She is smart, she is shrewd, she can read people at a glance, and she is always right. Oh, and she tells it like it is. Take for example the gal who looked to be 50 but claimed to be 35. I forget her name but I'll call her Shelly. Shelly was doing her interview with Pattie and every now and then would mention Sheila. Pattie asked if Sheila was a friend that Shelly would go out and party with, to which Shelly replied, "No, she's who I become when I go out and party. I don't give men m