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THE GRETCH HAS GOT MAD SKLLS Oh, yes, funny how this should come on the heels of that last post. Yes, I love irony, so grab a comfy seat and take this cozy blanket of ironic coziness and wrap it around your shoulders and get all snuggly. All set? Are ya good? OK. Well, I am a big fan of The gretch. And she can do things that most women can't do, and she likes to dance, which I'm confident that I will get to witness some day soon. But I showed her around my little abode and she measured my windows to get curtains for me so that I could do away with the chronic eyesores that are the mini-blinds that my landlord installed. We also talked about painting my tiny bathroom together. I illustrated the minisculeness of my bathroom by sitting on my toilet (with pants on, what do you take me for?) and slinging my legs into my bathtub). So painting could take the two of us, like 6 minutes, then we could go for a hike or something! Last night she brought over beautiful curtains that were
THE DARWIN AWARD GOES TO... and ABOUT TOWN So I'm now in a suite at work that doesn't have a private bathroom. Fine. I'm telling you, I'm fine with everyone in my department being consolidated (like that could be a good thing, getting all of us cooped up together so we get on each other's nerves, cuz like when we're forced into hotels and sound stages together for days and weeks at a time, we don't start to grate on one another, but it's unavoidable, we're in production... um producing and shit... together, but when we're not actually doing a production, we should be APART not consolidated, not that I'm bitching. See me not bitching? Regard how I do not bitch about the consolidating?) and I've been moved away from the desk I had with my view of Larry Flynt's building, and conversely, he had his view of me changing into my workout gear most days at 5:00 PM next to my desk. Larry and I had good thing going, but now I face, nothing. A
Feelin' Philly I know, I know, I've been a phantom. I haven't checked my personal e-mail account in a very long time, and I guess that it is now official. I have no personal life. Pathetic non? Oui! Alors, d'accord. Rest assurred that I'm making that little French expression of exasperation with the eye roll and the quick puffing out of my cheeks. Je sais, quelle dommage. OK, I may be owning up to being absent but that's no excuse to mangle Le Language Francais? Is that what you're shouting t the computer like I can hear you? And what does this blog have to do with French anyway? Not a Goddamn thing so I'll move on. Since my last update I traveled to Philadelphia to accompany one of my trainers for an appearance on QVC. But then I had another appearance with our Hip Hop program within days. I decided to take everyone's advice and go into Philadelphia proper for the days in between appearances instead of 2 solid days lost flying across the entire
HE'S A TALKER AND PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR I've been living on a video set in Burbank for over a week and have a little area set up with my computer and my phones just off camera so that in between takes I don't fall hopelessly behind on my other projects. I'm stuck at that table and have legal calls, work emergencies, QVC coordination, you name it that I've got to accomplish in the periods of time between "Cut!" and "Rolling!". I can't just leave and go conduct business anywhere else on the sound stage or the hallways or the dressing rooms or the Craft Service Kitchen or the park benches outside or on the sidewalks. Nope, I'm stuck at my make shift desk. However, one of the crew likes to hover near me and talk. And talk and talk and talk talk talk talk talk. He could wander anywhere to have his conversations or running monologues - but no. I've continuously had to shush him or frantically wave to him to get his attention and then mim
SHE GOT FIRED Awe, the queen of I GOT, Sister Craft Service Gal got fired. Apparently she's GOT a thing for a bargain, but finds it acceptable to save money by buying expired food. 3 people got sick in 2 days on our set. She was even caught with expired cans of soda. Whew knew? Soda must be frightfully old to have expired! Christ! That started the day, and then we had to let 2 of the cast members go who just couldn't do the moves. Who was next? Shemeka got called back to the director's trailer* and I had to get on the headset and ask Andrea not to fire her. I need her for the upcoming QVC junket! Then we experienced some hefty delays that kept us here last night till around 8:30 PM (and our call time is always 7:00 AM!) and today we find out that the electrician just didn't ever hit the Play button during our transitions for a LED display. So he's just been called out to the trailer and I'm pretty sure he won't be coming back again. Human carnage being to
HIKED TO HIGH HEAVEN In my continuing effort to not just sit in the apartment in K Town, I was invited to go see a play that a friend was in last night. I immediately said, "no" then thought of my new plan to get a grip on my isolation and blurted out, "yes" then I was scared and blurted out, "well, is it a good play?" and realizing how that sounded I further cemented my anti-social behavior by uttering the following, "I mean, yes, I'd go if it's a good play, but I don't want to go all the way to the Valley and then sit in a theatre for something that is depressing or boring and just really pointless and so yawnigly long that I'd be miserable the whole time and just wishing I was at home watching Food Network and... like an Ibsen play.. it's not Ibsen is it? I mean even when I was a stoned teenager I couldn't sit through A Doll's House um, I think that was Ibsen, I'm pretty sure he wrote that play which shouldn't r
ANTI-SOCIAL MEETS WARMTH, FOOD AND FRIENDSHIP As I struggle with my lone-wolf tendencies, and against a trajectory that is leading to the inevitable culmination of my life as The Hermit Cat Lady, I am doing the best I can to go to Places that Scare Me and do things I would normally say "no" to. In my neighborhood are a couple who have a pot-luck every Friday evening from around 7:30 to 10:00 PM. It had been such a long week, but I was gunna go. Finding the home wasn't a problem and looking around there was no buzzer at the gate, just two adorable dogs dancing around inside the front yard walkway. The gate wasn't locked, so stepping inside, I swooped down and got some puppy love. No one answered the doorbell, and again, the front door wasn't locked. Hmmm, good music was playing inside and this was the correct address, but opening the front door and stepping inside, I felt like a burglar. Were alarms going to go off and I'd be taken away by the LAPD and booked f