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WHASSUP? OK, before the blog I've just got to to get the pick up lines out in the open. Someone has to start a class in all halls of higher education on the basic curriculum for breaking the ice. The ice being the natural coating of people who are going about their business in life and not wanting to adopt a homeless person or giving all of their lunch money to some wino. Come on men of Beverly Hills, aren't you supposed to be a cut above? Me standing in my elevator at 7:30 AM: (breathing silently) Guy: Nice purse. Me: (looking down and acknowledgeing my purse.) Guy: I think my sister would like that, it's really nice, maybe I'll buy it for her. Where did you get it if you don't mind my asking? Me: Banana Republic. Guy: Oh, uh huh. Me: (staring at the wall) Guy: Did your boyfriend or husband buy that for you? As he turns to me and does the full frontal "hello I'm a guy and you're a female" physical 'hi-ya' thing that mack daddies do. Oh
I LOVE PARIS BUT NOT PARASITE OR ANYTHING SIMILAR...AND MORE First let me start with the "more" snippets. Laying back in a Korean nail salon getting a pedicure I stared at a sign from under partially closed eyelids: "#3 Special Spa Salt Pedi. Sooth tired with scrub and helth binifits and HEALTHY plus lotion rub circulation EXTRA GOOD" The word 'healthy' that was in all caps used a capital "I" and a dash as the letter 'L'. I pondered how they could spell 'circulation' but not 'benefits', 'soothe' or 'health' for that matter, but 'healthy' they could spell even if it was a bit of a cut and paste job to make that 'L'. I had to agree with part of the message in theory, yes, lotion rub circulation WAS extra good. Also, 'Happy' is a big thing in Korea. I live near the Happy Bookstore where I picture them only selling those books written by comedeans like Paul Riser's book about how h