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TIDAL WAVE Got some calls asking if I was OK after that last blog. Hmmm. Was it the therapy? That's not new. Was it the coffee on the socks? Was it my possessed Blackberry? Everyone had no real answer. I took those calls this morning on my way to the office to meet a tidal wave of work which I was hoping to crest and ride like an adept surfer as opposed to standing on the lonely sand and being crushed by its might and then swept away and to be tumbled around like a load of laundry by my massive workload. Sitting at a light I stared at KISS THE RAIN COFFEE. How very Asian and thereby poetic. I wonder what their coffee tastes like. They were open but when I come home from work, they always have their gate closed and locked. Guess they're only open for early java fiends - those looking for a late afternoon or evening pick-me-up are not their chosen demographic. Kiss the Rain doesn't need their dollars. Reminds me of Cloud Swallow which unless I'm smoking too much crack,
COFFEE, BBERRY & GOTTA PEE? Got up early and Evadnae and I cruised through our morning routine. Then I was off to work to start my day. Swung through a drive-thru for an iced coffee and out onto Wilshire. Traffic was moving around 35 MPH and I was in the center lane behind a brand spanking new Jaguar that was being driven by an Asian woman wearing enormous black plastic sunglasses. Next to us a Metro bus that was stopped in the bus lane to our right turned on its turn signal. She locked on her brakes and skidded to a stop causing me to do the same - but I was sure I wouldn't be able to stop before I smashed into the very expensive rear end of her Jag. My purse and all of its contents flew into my dashboard and windshield. Still waiting to hear the crunch of the collision I realized that the iced coffee was moving out of my lap toward the floor - and I clamped down on it with my thighs catching it. The cup had tipped top forward and I felt icy liquid splash onto my ankles, sock
SPRING 2008 UPDATE OK, you’ve gotten sporadic updates that don’t have any cohesive narrative over the past month or so, and hey, that’s blogging baby. But as I sit on United flight 192 bound for Philly with time to kill before departure, sitting only one seat back from first class where Tony sits with his eyes closed, and I have 2 – not 1 but 2—crying babies behind me, I am thinking about what is going on in my life. Work is going very well. I’m struggling with one problem program, but it has such potential that I’m not giving up on it – even though (sorry, that was such a stratospheric high whistle-pitched scream from one of the babies that I lost my train of thought completely, now what the fuck was I blogging? Oh yes) I have literally no time for extra work to revive that program, I’ll devote time in the evening and on weekends to get it back on track or just drive it straight off the cliff as it were. Yes, I’ve heard that you can drive a problem project off a cliff – at least my