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NOW THAT'S AN EXCUSE! The other night I was at a wrap party for a production that has kept me too busy to blog for a while now. Whew! Completion! So we're all having a drink or two and high-fiving each other and noshing on nibbles at a restaurant on Sunset Blvd and the crew member across from me pushes his chair back and declares "Well, I've gotta run". The crew member next to him wants him to stay. Crew Guy 1: No dude, I gotta run. Crew Guy 2: No way! I know for a fact that you don't have a date. CG1: Nah, I gotta split. CG2: Bullshit. CG1: Gotta tag dude. CG2: Tag? CG1: Yeah tag. CG2: You're blowing us off to spray paint? CG1: It's my job dude. CG2: No, you're a fucking grip, that's your job. CG1: Not my real job. My real job is tagging. CG2: You're such a tool! Me: Hey, Brad, are you fucking serious? You're a tagger? CG1: Uhhhhh, I see by your expression that you're not down with that? Me: Well, I can't say that your power