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CAN YOU CATCH US UP? OMG! I'm getting so sick of hearing this from newly hired co-workers. None of them are really contributing anything of value and there seems to be a culture of "lay back and the old guard will catch you". Well, that bullshit "trust game" technique caused me to have personal meltdown yesterday. You've all heard of someone coming into a company at a high salary, and everyone has high hopes for their talent taking us to a whole new level of success. But they're the ones who stoop to using the "I did a workup on those numbers. I have a great presentation, but the copier is jammed so I'll get that to you soon" excuse. Well it's happening where I work. I hate making small talk and I hate socializing over lunch in general - so these new employee lunches are killing me. I give them the FRUIT of my knowledge and they just keep chewing and asking specific questions (how were you able to make that program successful? who w
GROSSNESS The day started off beautifully. Surrounded by beautiful males - most of them needed to be fed, scratched, cuddled and kissed, and then off to the 10 FWY. May I just say that I was alarmed at the story on the news this morning that was being discussed on the radio. Joseph Stalin's grandson was bringing a libel lawsuit in Russia because a writer of an article recently called his grandfather out on "sending thousands of innocent people to their deaths". You've got to be kidding! If I was Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, I'd be less worried about getting Pappy's dignity exonerated, I'd be working on making a new chapter in the world and helping anyone I could. I'd think he'd be too busy in soup kitchens and shuttle elderly ladies across busy streets to bring a fucked up lawsuit like this up to the high court in Russia. I can just hear it now: Court Czar: The court calls before the bench the case of... um, Stalin's Memory VS The Press. Yevgeny D
SMART? SURE WHY NOT? I walked over to speak to a co-worker who was speaking to her boss. She was pleading the case that she wasn’t dumb even though people think she is. Her boss was cool with her argument and asserted that she did in fact believe Breana was not dumb. I plopped down on Breana’s desk and joined the conversation… because that’s what I do. I barge. Me: I’ve never thought you were dumb. Why do people think that? Breana: Oh, because I don’t know things. Me: For instance? Breana: Recently I was teased because I didn’t know that swine flu was named after pigs. Me: Hmmm. Breana: And my friends laughed because I thought a swine was a bird. Me: You never heard anyone refer to a pig as a swine? Breana: No. And all my life my parents have told me something and then the say really slowly “Do you understand? Do you get it?” like I’m dumb. Wow. I may be flashing my true judgmental colors here but I blame her parents. Obviously they didn’t have big vocabularies or t
The 4AM Life & Trolls I haven't been able to figure out why I've been waking up at 3 and 4 AM lately. I chalked it up to excitement with life. My eyes flip open and even while I relax comfortably in bed - sleep won't come. So I've been getting up and curling up to watch TV. Goodness the crap that's on TV at that hour! Lots of diet programs and long commercials for products that can prepare your food faster and you don't even have to touch it. But there are some crime shows like The First 48 and Captured that kinda suck me in. It's nice being up when the neighborhood is quiet and the cats are calm and just want to be stroked. But those shows do end up making me race back to bed around 5AM knowing that there are rapist and killers out roaming the streets. As for the troll I met yesterday -- I was at the VW dealership with my bug and stuck in the service department waiting area for a while. The elderly shuttle driver made a round in the room asking if an
OMG I'm not sure what to say about recent days but I'll give you the cliff notes. Chicago - Beautiful. Rainy. Crisp. Got to see Jen, Rog & Lan! Shaken to my bones about what the fuck they've done to my Art Institute. WFT people! I've got to plan a trip and go top to bottom and figure out what they were thinking. Right now I'm stuck with "We needed another Getty?" Bought a House - Do you think they plan to bleed you with paper cuts before they take all of your money? I swear that after the first 2,3578 documents I just signed wherever the realtor/banker/notary pointed. Holy shit! I'm an adult. Crazy! Adoption - Before meeting with adoption peeps to find out if I'd be deemed fit to be a mom, I've been evaluating my MAJOR weaknesses. Self-involvement, judgementalness (I made that word up), bitchiness, and overall evilness, You know, my general nature. But after all of the crap ass jobs I've held in my life, and my childhood chore of