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CARS AND CRAZY DON'T MIX What's up today? I woke up and scrambled around doing the usual morning chores when I noted that it was lightly raining outside. Yay! Strike watering the outside plants off my list! But an hour later, the rain got a BOO! from me because LA drivers can't navigate in moisture -- being that it is all, oh, let's see, wet, and droppletty and slick, and not dry, and reflective, and wipers are involved and general rain-related stuff. Such babies these LA-ites.* But then I read about 2 car-related stories today and realize that sometimes cars just make people a bit crazy. Exhibit A) There is moisture on the 10 freeway so I'll adjust my driving plan to only allow my foot to press down on my accelerator enough to move my automobile t-minus 1 MPH and counting. Whew! Welcome into the big warm commuter hug that was 8:00 AM on 2/5/10! Exhibit B) Charlie Sheen's car called him on his cell phone after it plummeted to the bottom of a ravine near his
FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT Ah, yes, it's again the time of year when my immune system deserts me, and all I can do is the following 3 things in no particular order: Produce mucus Sweat Sleep Due to my general need for extended hours of sleep, this has left me in real danger of developing bedsores. OK that was just gross -- but seriously! The more pleasant aspects of fighting a cold for as long has I have been recently, are the punctuated bouts of exhaustion-induced grumpiness, rapid-fire sneezing and experimentation with medications. I was shclumpfing around the house yesterday when Hudson said, Hudson : Hey, Doreen mentioned that you may need Xanax. Me: What? Why?! Why would she say I need Xanax?!? Does she think I have a panic disorder?!? Hudson: (clearly confused) No! No! I think I got that wrong. (although you could tell that my panicked reaction caused him to reconsider that maybe I did need Xanax). Me: That's some pretty heavy shit. Hudson: No. I've gotten i