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YOU'RE GUNNA GO FAR I was just sitting at my desk listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", enjoying the vibe while the office is swirling around me. It's really a feat for any of us to go far isn't it? We have unique talents and strengths, but then we have so many weaknesses that drop you down into the category of "marginal-at-best" . How does one go FAR as opposed to the curb? Personally, I struggle every day with my weaknesses. I'm not social, I have a fear of answering the door, and I have to get into the right mental state to open mail. True. I've been served court summons when I opened my front door, and I've received some pretty fucked up mail in my life... so now I don't just accept a doorbell or envelope easily. Most people would never suspect these aspects of my personality, but that's just because my more outward personality traits seem more resilient. Monday through Saturday I play games with myself at the
I SHOULDN'T DOUBT MYSELF... EVER! This morning I was thinking about my finances, the new book, and other endeavors that will hopefully allow me an early retirement. Gosh, will they be successful? And then I saw on the Chicago Tribune site a list of Forbes' billionaires. Yup, there he is again, and I know I've blogged about him before... Ty Warner who made 2.9 BILLION dollars with Beanie Babies . Fuck! It is a sad statement of our country. Now, America, GIVE ME LOTS OF MONEY! Ivy All Red Ivy compositions, posts and blog content Copyright protected.