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Yup, look out young ladies, there's a new young man with an eye for blondes. I was flopped on the couch last week wearing not much when the doorbell rang. I yanked on pants and ran to the door. It was the little boy next door.

Wilmer: Hi Ivy. I brought you a card I made.
Me: Oh. Thanks Wilmer. (heading down the driveway to the gate where he stood)
Wilmer: Here (thrusting it at me)
Me: This is cool. It's not my birthday though.
Wilmer: That's the only card we had.
Me: Yes. Very nice. Have a great night.

A few nights ago I was sprawled on the couch writing when the doorbell rang. Then it rang 3 more times in quick succession. I raced to the door to sign for a package or let in the electrician or something... and it was Wilmer. Another birthday card was in his hand.

Me: Wilmer. You scared me. You don't have to ring the doorbell more than once.
Wilmer: OK. I won't. I have a card for you.
Me: Oh boy. Thanks Wilmer (I said as I approached him)
Wilmer: I also have a flower for you.