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I know I've been too busy to blog, but let me just tell you: Today I had a DAY. Not anything I couldn't handle. Nothing anxiety-inducing. But I had a day. You know, the kind where you wake up and you know that you can't hit the snooze due to the conspiracy of Outlook Calendar? Right. Well. Yes. You know what it's like to have a DAY. Oh, dang, it's only 7:55 PM as I write this, but already I'm completely cached*. Now, where was I? OK. I had a DAY. Got out of bed, cleaned myself up, fed various animals, watered various plants, smeared organic peanut butter onto bread, cleaned cat boxes, administered veterinary-prescribed medications and raced off to work. Ah. Work. We're making room for lots of new employees and there is a domino effect. All of those of us with offices (as apposed to cubicles I guess) are moving down an office or two and sharing with new colleagues. Rather like the first day at camp, except I've been at the office since 2004-ish.