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I just wanted a sandwich and now I feel all sad and conflicted. As I stood at the Ralph's deli counter hoping to beat the lunch rush (I tell ya, it gets CRAZY around noon!) I was pleased that there was only 1 person ahead of me. He was being deftly helped by an older hispanic gal and there was plenty of staff available to take my order. An older black gentleman with a hairnet (stupid health code rule since he was bald as a cue ball) smiled and me and nodded dismissively a few times before a young asian man also in a hairnet asked "How're ya doing?" I said "Fine. I'd like a veggie deluxe sandwich please." His response was to look at the black gentleman and say "Stan, why aren't you helping her?" to which Stan replied "I thought she was with him" and gestured to the man in front of me. I figured that couldn't have been the case and wondered why Stan would fib to this younger man who appeared to be his supervisor. Stan: What


I don't know, you tell me. Can people have too much money? I'm not even sure people can have too little really. I mean remote civilizations know how to feed themselves off the land, enjoy life and each other -- not to say that they don't experience the ups and downs of the human condition, but I don't believe that an influx of money would improve their existence instead of just complicating it. However, looking at Chicago's wealthy Pritzker family and doing some quick math it appears that the average worth of a Pritzker family member in 2010 is roughly 8.6 B ILLION dollars. I just can't wrap my brain around how many hundreds of millions of dollars that family has -- or how each member of the family could still have that many billions personally without figuring out how to give back in a way that would change the world. Hey, they're from Chicago -- how about they rebuild the "L" and subway system as a gift? Or how about they personally pay to re-p