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I know I never went to college - or really applied myself in high school English class, and I know I play around with expressions, but you all know that I have the utmost respect for rules and certainly for the English language. One of my more recent blogs was putting Bruno Mars on notice for his taking flagrant license with fundamental word usage, and pronunciation. OK, well, I've used the term "muffin top" for years to describe my midriff when I've put on, oh, say five pounds because I carry extra weight solely on my belly. Truthfully I learned the term muffin top from Mia while driving in Chicago. A woman who was otherwise nicely dressed walked in front of our car with her pants cinched in at her hips and her belly was pooched out over her waistband. Mia remarked, "Cute bolero jacket. Too bad it clashes with her muffintop." I stared and there was no need for explanation. That woman had the same thing rising over her slacks that a baker strives to e