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In the year that I've had  Socrates with me as my daughter (no, I'm not counting the excruciating period of time that she was ours but still in foster care in Taiwan) I have had the deep pleasure of getting to know her. Sure, there is so much that I can't even imagine about her that is yet to be revealed, but one of the things I admire about her most is her strong spirit. I've thought of her as my Little Lion ever since the first afternoon we had custody of her we were playing with Socks in a pool in Kaohsiung. In the pool she'd gotten splashed by her sister Ducky and had puffed up her chest and roared, "Wo shuo bu yao!" Which basically means something along the lines of, "I said I don't like that!" And she'd made her point perfectly clear to not only her sister, but every single person within earshot of the serene pool in which we paddled. Even the seemingly deaf old man dozing on the chaise lounge over by the solarium windows. Well