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Momma Mia Well - I'm not really a momma (a step momma, but nothing has ever sprung from my loins and taken on human life). So - now that I have your attention, Ivy is busy!! So here I am!! Hmmmm. Why am I here? Because ever since I met Ivy, we've been like sisters. And I have a lot of stories. Ivy - how long did you say you wanted me to take over your blog?!:) Once, years ago in Chicago, she came to Lana's and my apartment and pounded on my bedroom window (which was frighteningly close to the fire escape, a.k.a. "rapist/burglar easy access" landing), at 8am on a frickin' Sunday morning. Ivy, darling, didn't you know that the lovely Mia and Lana had at least 4 more hours of gotta sleep off the hangover before I face the day bed time left in them? Well - she was far too upset to have looked at her watch, and since neither of us were answering the buzzer that she had been maniacally pounding for the previous 10 minutes, Ivy (being the resourcefu
WHAT? NO BLOG? Yes. Yes. Busy busy busy. Ran around town yesterday because no one could find props for the set. Found them at a store on La Cienega and had to stand there and listen to the cashier regale me with his experience Tuesday night at the Van Halen concert. Do they still tour? Apparently yes, and Lynard Skynard is still on tour too because he opened for Van Halen. Must have been loud because the cashier talked REALLY LOUD. God, I remember going to school the night after a concert and my ears still ringing. God, I'm old. Cat getting cuter. Joe + Cat getting cuter together. I could watch them play for hours. Oh, actually I do. Just had my first employee review this morning and was dreading it. Should have saved the dread because it went really well. Now I've been patting myself on the back all day. My boss and I have always had difficulty communicating, and the only thing she gave me as an 'area for improvement' was 'communication'. I see her
FRIDAY UPDATE What's new with me? What's with the sporadic updates? In no specific order: Last night Evadnae cuddled next to me as I fell asleep and just as I drifted off, he knocked the large glass of water that was on my nightstand all over himself and me. Boy! That'll bring a girl awake in a hurry! He was really upset being soaked and had a little freak out under the bedroom chair. This morning while walking the hallway toward my office, I was a few steps behind a businessman who was also walking toward my end of the building. However, every 8th step or so, he'd hesitate and I'd be caught off guard and almost walk into him. How odd and how frustrating. Who pauses like that? Only people afflicted with St. Vitus' Dance that's who. What would cause a healthy person to pause while walking? A sudden thought that you'd left your car lights on might cause you to stop in your tracks - but over and over again it happened. I wanted to give him a little sh
THE EXCITEMENT! THE LET DOWN. THE EXCITEMENT! Late yesterday afternoon, I'm working quietly at my desk when Karen in our QA department IMs me with this message-- "I know it's late, but my friend Julia Fordham is performing for 20 minutes tonight at The Grove and it's across the street from your apartment so maybe you'd like to go?" A little back story. In 1988 I was cruising a record store and they were playing cool music I'd never heard before. I asked what it was and they said, "Julia Fordham." That was her first album and I've played it to death ever since. My boyfriend at the time got very sick of it and would beg me not to play it. Later I had a boyfriend threaten to smash it if I didn't stop playing it. It's just one of those albums that every song is great. So I double-taked on the little IM screen and replied-- "Julia Fordham is a friend of yours?! Holy Shit! I've been a huge fan of hers since the late 80s! He
I ORDERED THE BRIDESMAID DRESS - BUT DON'T THINK I'LL EVER WEAR IT Not that it isn't a beautiful dress, I don't think I'll ever wear it because I don't think it will ever be delivered to me. Let me explain. A few months ago, my brand new cousin Laura asked me to be one of her bride's maids in her Labor Day wedding. I happily accepted, but until this weekend I'd put off ordering my dress. It is from something called "The Expressions Collection" Style: # 8022 Color: Apple. I tried to order it online, but although I could see the merchandise, they're not set up to sell online. Bummer. But the store had a location in Burbank. Saturday morning I was doing chores around the house when I decided to call the store and see what their hours are. Linda: Good morning, David's Bridal, this is Linda. Ivy: Hi Linda, I need to come by and order a bride's maid dress today. What are your hours? Linda: Do you have an appointment? Ivy: An
NOT MUCH OF A THURSDAY My day has been just rolling along. Nothing much to report. I had my entire morning cancelled on me, so I wandered across the street to the sporting goods store and bought some 5lbs weights. Yeah, stop me. Just call me Bruiser. Then I wandered across another street and popped into a beauty supply. Kinda odd, there was a man & woman lying on a sofa in the store watching The View and there were boxes of Paul Mitchell products all over the pillows. I said "hello" and walked around inspecting their stock. Hmmm, dirty shelves, dusty jars, dried up nail polish, half empty bottles of hair spray. Gross. How do they make enough to keep the store open? Perhaps it isn't a real beauty supply. Maybe it's a front for the mob. Don't laugh, Mia & Rog used to live near a few in Chicago. Rog tells of the time he went inside a sporting goods store that had shelves of old sports equipment and a couple of old style goons came out of the back room
I'M NO DONALD TRUMP Dang! Why can't you just say "You're fired." I called the member of the cast who we have had to let go last night. What a nighmare! I started very nicely and said, "I have some tough news, we've had to reconfigure the cast for some logistical issues and we're not going to be able to use you in the cast." Her response was a strangled sob and then just gasping. I continued, "Are you OK honey? We feel so badly and really fought for you because you have such talent and energy and we're crazy about you." "sob gasp" "I know, we're all really upset too, but it was an executive decision that was made to ensure a balanced cast to offset some of the changes, and Shaun's departure." "sob gasp" It went on and on like that for what felt like an hour, but was more like 20 minutes tops. Joe was standing in our back hall looking on encouragingly, but finally he was rolling his eyes
APPLY HERE NO BRAINS REQUIRED & TINY PEOPLE SHOULD DRIVE TINY CARS Just a quick rundown on my morning. For the third day in a row Evadnae attempted to wake me up to pet him at 5:20 a.m. thus robbing me of that last precious hour of sleep before the alarm goes off. Now I need to find out what it is that's waking him up at exactly 5:20. Someone else's alarm? A blow drier? A door slamming? I've got to figure out what it is and put a stop to it. But that would involve me setting my alarm for 5:19 and running around with my ear to the walls to listen for something that might wake the cat up at that exact time, and poof! turning me into Bridget Denning. She was the older sister of my pal V. Bridget was always peeking out her window when she heard a car or anything… always peering out of her cracked front door to see what was going on. I can't be Bridget. We used to do Bridget imitations by peering around our lockers at school and saying, "guess who I am." M