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A PLEASURABLE EARWORM A couple of years ago I read an article about earworms - which are songs or ditties that get stuck in your head and drive you crazy. That there are highly sought after musicians who can whip up an earworm that makes you keep thinking about a product, "I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs!" And normally an earworm will stick with me for a few days and torture me, "Help me Rhonda!" but for over a month now I've been waking up in the middle of the night with Sondre Lerche's song "On and off again" from his Faces Down album playing clearly in my head. Nothing particularly special about it, not particularly catchy, but it satisfies me. I wake up, listen to a few bars in my head and go back to sleep. So sitting at my desk, struggling with a massive document that I've fucked up to the point where I should delete it and start over from scratch (I've moved so much content around and deleted so much text that the
YOU BRING THE FISH & I'LL BRING DEBATE - JOE? IS THAT YOU? Holy mother of God! The other day my pal Dave invited Joe & I to a debate party he's hosting at his home on Thursday night. I believe my response was, "What a terrible idea. Our nation's politics is making me physically ill - and to sit with friends and combine debate bullshit with little party snacks - why, I'd rather die!" Not a very polite way of declining his kind offer, but what can I say, at times I'm a bit reactionary. So last night I'm lounging around our spare bedroom/office while Joe is doing some paperwork and I mention Dave's debate party. I'm busy shaking my head and about to change the subject when Joe drops his work and exclaims, "That is a fucking fabulous idea! We have GOT to go! Think of it! Dave has great friends, they're all smart, they're diverse and interesting! I've GOT to have someone to experience the debate with! Call him back an
IBC BAD COMCAST BADDER Interstate Bakeries Corp is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection? The Hell you say! Oh, wait, they're the makers of Twinkies and Wonderbread… yes, perhaps their time is over. Perhaps this is a spark of hope that as a nation, our tastes are beginning to slant to something more natural and nutritious. Hooray! Adapt to more healthy fare or die IBC! Hey, this is good news. What else is going on with me? Well, I was too ashamed to blog about it, but for about a week I'd been unable to get onto the internet from my fucking home wireless system. After all of the time and money invested, after having the ability for a few weeks to hop onto the Web with my zippy little Mac - I suddenly couldn't even e-mail a document I'd created at home to my office account. Merde! I was all over the house trying to get on the net and nothing! I was able to take my computer to the office, various studios and even Starbucks and get on so I know it was our ho
TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR AND YOUR POSSUMS What did I do this weekend? Well, on Friday evening, while driving home from the office, I noticed that my windshield was very dusty so I pulled the little lever that releases the windshield fluid - and nothing happened. Hmmm, my new-used car is out of windshield fluid. I'd have thought that the nice folks at the Volkswagen dealership would have filled the fluids and done a tune up or something. Why would I think that? Why would they? Yikes! If I'm out of windshield fluid, what else am I out of? Saturday morning, after running to the grocery store, I went to Jiffy Lube. I sat and waited for an hour before they got to my car. Good thing I didn't postpone that errand! I was WAY low on oil, my tires were improperly inflated and most of my other fluids were dry as well! Dang! I'm making car payments on a car I've been abusing! Good thing I have about a 5 mile commute per week total or my car would be Ka-Put! So, I return hom
WE SHOULDN'T NEED SPEED BUMPS IT DOESN'T BODE WELL It's true; the fact that we need speed bumps is shameful. It means that we can't judge a safe or appropriate speed to drive our cars in any given area. Those speed bumps are saying, "If I had my druthers, I'd hit the gas and fly down this residential street where children are playing as fast as my car can go… which is 90 if I get a good run at it! VROOM!". Those speed bumps are saying, "If no one was going to ticket me, I'd go balls out in this mall parking lot. I love to careen around the parking levels on two wheels - and all of you shoppers loaded down with Crate and Barrel bags - had better dive for cover baby!" Shame shame shame shame! Well I for one am sick of it. I drive at the speed for any given situation that will allow me to come to a stop if someone pulls out of a parking spot, or jogs out from behind a hedge into my path. Not a screeching sliding stop. Just a stop. That m
WORKPLACE NIGHTMARE & NATURE MUGGED ME What an interesting day Friday was. A blur of activity there's a knock on my office door. It's the head of our Human Resources department. She looks very uncomfortable. HR: Ivy, please come into my office. Me: I'm on the phone, can it wait a few minutes? HR: (looking more uncomfortable) No, it really shouldn't wait, can you come in as soon as you've terminated your call? Me: (experiencing what it feels like to be fired - cringing at the word "terminated") Sure, I'll be right in. When the head of HR looks like that and needs to speak with you in their office, it isn't good. Is it my habit of blogging when I'm at the office? Is it my inappropriate humor? I wrap up the call and head to HR… HR: Please close the door Ivy and have a seat. Me: (I don't want to be told something I have to sit down for) OK. HR: I feel really terrible about this… (she searches some files on her desk as if l
LET'S ALL PLUMMIT TO OUR DEATHS - DON'T MIND US Here's my rant for the day: Why is it so fucking hard to fix an elevator properly? Huh? Why? Each day I spend time in elevators, in my apartment, at the office, at the mall, parking garages, the grocery store (yes Ralph's has one from their parking area - handy for popping down a floor with a full shopping cart), practically everywhere. But none of them are in good repair. Oh, several of them are in constant "repair" or are "being repaired", but they certainly can't be construed as being in good repair. Joe did a minute study of the elevator in our building and discovered that the sensor that calls the car to our floor is broken. It won't initiate the elevator to rise or lower. However, if you've pressed the button on our floor and someone else has pressed a button on another floor, it will stop and open on our floor on it's way to wherever the other people needed it to go. That mea
MIA SAVES THE BLOG & IVY RETURNS Big thanks to Mia for her bloggage, kinda addictive ain't it Mia? When're ya starting one that people can visit regularly? Eh? Love your posts! OK, I'm back to my "normal" life. Blogging & all. Let's see, where do I start with what I've been doing? Now I'm packing for my cousin's wedding in Indiana. Yes, I did get the bridesmaid dress & shoes. Guess how. I kept calling the store and one day they had both items and were preparing to ship them… late. I hollered for them to hang onto them and me and the production assistant drove to the store and grabbed em. After the girl made several attempts to refund my shipping charge we just walked out of the store with her calling after us. I packed and fell deeply asleep on Thursday night around 9:30 p.m. and woke up to my alarm blaring a few hours later at 3:10 a.m. in time to catch the Super Shuttle. My ancient driver kept pulling over and searching for
This is why I can't keep house plants Give me a house plant or a blog to keep alive, and - chances are - I'll kill 'em. Or, at least leave them on life support! Sorry I haven't touched base since last Thursday - I forgot! I had so much fun and relaxation this weekend that I neglected to feed the blog! Even though I promised Ivy to keep it alive. Sigh. Oh well - I think I still hear a faint heart beat, don't I? Weekend Update: slept in, ate a lot of yummy food, drank wine, had silly girl's night out (two of them, actually), and did a couple of loads of laundry. My only "productive" activity of the weekend. Now that's what I call a good one! Another Ivy story because I know we all miss her so much: one night years ago back in Chicago, Ivy's boyfriend at the time was in a play that we all went to see. After the play was over, Ivy asked her boyfriend (we'll call him "Pinky") if we could take him out for a congratulatory drink, b
Labor Day Approacheth Hello again! It's Mia - your new best friend. Have to say that I am having a hard time thinking about what to blog you with today, because everything and nothing is going on right now. Here's what I mean: My mother's best friend for the past 26years died on Saturday, and the funeral was yesterday. It was soooo difficult watching my mother mourn her dear friend, Patt, that my sister and I kept losing it at the funeral because of feeling so bad for my mom. Sigh. Patt fought a very, very short battle with lung cancer. She was diagnosed in December of 2003, and died a few days ago. She refused all treatment, and only took morphine for the pain. She died in her own bed surrounded by friends and family. So - that has been going on this week for us. I am back at work today, and I will be off work again tomorrow through Monday (whoppeee!!), for a long Labor Day weekend, which I am very much looking forward to. My husband, Roger, and I have no b