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I WANNA BE THE LADY I just finished watching Paula Dean (owner of The Lady & Sons in Savannah) on the food channel make a Krispy Kreme bread pudding with a rum sugar sauce. I have no words. No need. Ivy All Red Ivy compositions, posts and blog content Copyright protected.
Patty in our Creative dept just remarked that my right pupil is more dialated that my left. I'm telling you folks: shaken goddess syndrome. It'll be in the next edition of the Physician's Desk Reference. Sat Na! Ivy All Red Ivy compositions, posts and blog content Copyright protected.
ALL IVY ALL THE TIME Here are some bits and pieces of my world today: I keep having a reoccurring nightmare that I have to fly from a vacation in Hawaii to LA and the next day get back on the same plane to return to Hawaii for a business trip. In the dream I keep calling co-workers and my boss and anyone who’ll listen that they should just meet me in Hawaii and not put me through that rigmarole. Oh. Right. I forgot. It’s not just a nightmare, it’s real. Joe and I are vacationing with Marianne and the GooseMan in Kona in October and the day after I return to Los Angeles I’ve got to turn right around and fly to Kawai for business. I wonder if in real life I should use another word other than rigmarole in my plea and maybe they’ll change their minds and thereby my plans… On the cat front: Evadnae’s vet told me that my play dates for the cats last year was a really cruel plan and advised me not to do that for this next vacation. Apparently cats don’t like the attention from strangers a
HYSTERICAL INABILITY TO PEE Hi. I’m Ivy and I have $1,700 less dollars to my name than I had last week. What did I spend it on you ask? Evadnae. That’s what I spent it on. Here’s what happened: Last Thursday I came home and of course played with the affectionate and playful cats as I always do. Lot’s of scratching and petting and chasing and picking up and patting. Then I grabbed a quick shower, tossed on some workout clothes and grabbed my yoga blocks. I popped my new Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD into the player and sat expectantly on my mat waiting to try this new focus on breath +movement. Evadnae trotted past me to the front door and started crying and pacing. Then he ran back past me to the back of the apartment, presumably to use the cat box. Then he ran back into the front of the apartment crying. I thought he was just being an attention hog. But after about 10 minutes of trying to concentrate on the DVD I turned it off in frustration and followed him to the box. He hopped in and it
TUT TUT TUT LACMA Yup we've got Tut. King Tut is right across the street from me at the LA County Museum of Art. It is a very special event. It took an act of the Egyptian government and years of wrangling and insanely elaborate logistical planning to get Tut over here and guess what good ol LACMA does as soon as they get the exhibit on display? They herd ticket holders into an enormous enclosed canvas tent one street over from the actual LACMA buildings with piped in air through fans(not sure about any real ventilation though so I hope all of the attendees thought to take good soapy showers before arriving and applied sufficient deodorant before entering the tent for their long snaking wait through lines) and handy Port-O-Let potties lined up near the tent. Lovely. You see, the plan is to move them slowly through the tent until it is their turn to walk across the street to the exhibit - so it was a perfect time for LAMCA officials to begin massive reconstruction of that street a
IT'S A COMMUNAL FRIDGE PEOPLE! You'd think it was a small thing, a nice big fridge for a smallish office of people - most of whom eat out each day. But no. It's a big thing. OK, maybe just for me it's a big thing, but I doubt that. I should take a poll and ask some revealing questions to see who is bothered like me and who the culprits are. Here would be my little questionnaire: Do you use the refrigerator in the office kitchen? (Y) (N) If so, do you store items like a leftover ½ sandwich you couldn't finish from the deli or large grocery bags full of enough food for a month? (Y) (N) Do you consider it acceptable to bring an entire gallon of skim milk to work and stash it in the communal fridge with a post-it note labeling it yours? (Y) (N) You see, I don't think there is anything wrong with bringing a small Tupperware container of leftovers from home to work with me, but when I open the fridge to place it inside and am unable to do so because of the mas
FEAR ME I AM THE FLYING DUTCHMAN My family has known it for years, and as long as I've been working, I've suspected my true nature. I am the Flying Dutchman. Take my first job as a hostess of a great Mexican Restaurant. I came on board, it started having problems, struggled for months and then closed. That is what happens when a business brings me aboard. Even the mighty Houlihan's on Rush Street. It became a Kinko's after about a year of employing me. I've taken down great businesses and float serenely on. So, it's been a bit over a year since I came to the fitness company and today a bit of laying off took place. There were tears and there was packing and… oh, did I mention that normally I go down with the ship? I was in the final little cluster of the last team at IEC before I jumped to my fishbowl in the sky for a spell. I bet if I'd stayed long enough in the fishbowl I could have taken down the worldwide banking entity. I was the last employee