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MY EBAY FORAY Well folks, if you’ve ever wanted a chance to own something of mine, you’re now in luck. With the assistance of Mia & Dave, I am up and running on ebay. OK, not running and each activity I perform on ebay is fraught with lots of reading and examining the “More Info” links to ensure that I don’t fuck up and get banned or something. Let’s say I’m crawling on ebay shall we? So far I have purchased a Martha Stewart cookbook circa 1980s, with Martha sportin some pretty big hair on the cover for a mere .99 and got a good rating for quick payment… which hello, is quick because I received a notice that I’d won the auction (apparently it wasn’t much of an auction because clearly I was the only bidder!) and there was a button to pay by PayPal which I clicked and Poof! I’d paid my little tiny sum. Then I got great feedback from some nice bookseller and soon I’ll have a new cookbook. This e-trade is so satisfying in an instant gratification sort of way. I have sold my first ite