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WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN? Hi All, Ya know how sometimes I just disappear? Irritating no? Yes, I tend to fall off the earth and get notes from people like Mia saying something to the effect of, “Hey Ivy, remember when you used to write? Kinda like when Faye Dunaway used to act? You don’t want to be like Faye and have people say ‘whatever happened to Ivy?’ so get back to the keyboard girl!” But I didn’t, not for quite a while as you can see by scrolling down to the date stamp of my last post. Yikes! I am derelict in my blogging. What has kept me so busy that I’ve not logged on and said anything? Here is the short list: Vegas Baby! Joe and I went and stayed at the Bellagio for a few days. We drove the clown car (actually, I drove and Joe slept. And slept. And slept.) through Death Valley and hung out for a nice peaceful rest. Chillin’ by the pool, eating great food and we saw LOVE, the Beatles show at the Mirage. Freakin’ awesome! QVC Oh yeah! You may have seen me on that home