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CLOWN CAR CALAMITY Awww. Poor little clown car. Yes, it had an accident. Hard to wonder now that its home is K-town isn't it? Well, while progressing through the left-hand turn lane on Olympic with the intention of turning onto Western the clown car had a close encounter with a Chevy. There were several cars cruising behind me in the turn lane so when I saw a car just ahead of me pull a quick maneuver in attempt to escape Olympic by making a quick left... all I could do was utter "SSHHHH" as I laid on the horn and braked as hard as I could. I didn't even have time to actually say "shit" before the impact. Hey, I could have avoided the Chevy but that would have meant swerving into oncoming traffic and now I'd be writing from the other side of the After Life. But I don't value the little green bug that much. My braking strategy worked pretty good because I could tell when the cars hit that there was a pretty good chance that no one was injured. Then I