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THEY’VE GONE TOO FAR AND 1 TAG IS ENOUGH Yes, I know, I’ve been dreadfully lacking in bloggage for a while now, and though I’m no less frantically busy, something has come to my attention that begs to be blogged about. Actually I’m shocked that I hadn’t read anything on the topic. Shocked. Let me back up and give you some context. A while ago a friend picked up a Playboy magazine that featured me circa 1990 and during the silent flicking of the pages the only remark was, “Hmmm, that was back in the bush era.” Me: Um, yup, senior. It was before Clinton, yes. HC: Uh, no, back before Brazilians changed the landscape of porn. Me: Say what? We didn’t have bushes. HC: Not bushy bushes, just that you guys had hair. Me: (grumbling) it isn’t porn. God! And our hair was well groomed. God! What ev! So the next day I asked Leili. Me: What’s up with Brazilians? Leili: Oh! I’ve been scarred from my first and only Brazilian! Me: OMG! Burned?!? Leili: No, but just as bad! Mentally scarred!