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HOLIDAY CATSUP I have to say it, "Ease up on that particularly grating tune from The Nutcracker!" I know it screams 'holiday' and perhaps 'buy' or 'spend' to feeble marketing people who don't have the fucking creative initiative to get a composer to write a catchy new holiday tune, but I'm Nutcrackered out. OUT I tell you. Do you hear me Zales? How about you Hallmark? What do these advertising firms think? I can't distinguish between products and when that symphony strikes up those hackneyed strains that my wallet will fall open and I won't notice because I'll be in a Christmas rapture of dancing mice and soldiers? Well, it has the opposite effect. I wander away as quickly as I can without making a spectacle of myself covering my ears. Certainly not dancing toward a cash register. So KNOCK IT OFF! I was running around my LA apartment packing for NY the other morning and was aware of a new segment they were doing on The Today Sho
ARRRGGGHHH!,0,4420046.story May I have an estimate on how many times this will wake me up screaming in the middle of the night?!? Any guesses? I'll be haunted for the rest of my life! I have these voices in my head I can hear clearly: Doctor: Um, the last ultrasound showed twins, but now there's only one fetus forming. Mom: What happened? Doctor: It's not unheard of, one is sometimes absorbed... INTO THE OTHER TWIN'S BRAAAAIIIIINNNNNNN! Ivy All Red Ivy compositions, posts and blog content Copyright protected.
IT'S TOO POETIC & FRUSTRATING TO MAKE UP I've been meaning to go get a 2nd license plate for the clown car since, um, I got my first ticket for not having a front license plate back in 2006. I'd found a sweet parking spot on Arizona Ave in Santa Monica for a doctor's appointment that saved me being tortured by the elderly and infirm drivers in the St Joseph's parking structure as well as the $15 fee. YAY! But I came out to find a $75 ticket because I didn't have a front license plate on my car. WTF people? I'd only been issued one and put it on the back of my car along with my registration sticker when it arrived in the mail. I've gotten a few of those tickets in Santa Monica over the years and just paid them. Fuck! If they can't have a fair chance of ticketing me for running red lights with their cameras snapping pics of the front of my car and thereby identifying who I am by my license plate, then they need to ticket me? Well, it's not my
ODD BITS OF CATSUP Today my company is relocating their offices to Santa Monica. The purge is over and we've all rid our offices of 6 year old FedEx slips and production binders with urgent notations to get photographers for photo shoots that took place in 2003. Now, I'm sitting atop 3 big plastic yellow bins that contain my professional documents and necessary accoutrement (read electric pencil sharpener cuz pencils are my fave) and I'm excusing my staff at noon. I will be heading to my therapist appointment and then home to work remotely until the new office is settled next week. The next 4 days should be a professional train wreck. But that's just my negativity talking. Speaking of negativity, I went to an event on Monday evening held at a really spectacular home up in the Hills of Beverly. The hostess was warm and gracious. The evening was a yoga class followed by a potluck and fundraiser for orphans. Everyone I met as I walked in was upbeat yet mellow and ready