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AH-MEN AND THINGS I HATE I'm sitting in my office trying to end the week with things in order on my desk and in my computer. I've been sitting so quietly that the automatic light sensor has shut the lights off in my office. Even my cool office-mate Carrie is away so I don't have her entertaining singing random things like "Could it be busier Ivy! I ASK You." She has a marvelous voice and frequently spanks me right out of my work induced stupor to cheerfulness. But I digress... so I'm typing in the dark and I hear this from the two co-workers in the next office. I don't know them very well, but neither is attractive in the slightest. Ugly 1: So, are you going to take her out for another date? Ugly 2: I guess, it's now like 4 dates. Ugly 1: She's OK looking kinda. Ugly 2: Yeah, OK looking I guess. But... Ugly 1: But what? Does she have bad breath or some shit? Ugly 2: Nah, breaths OK too, but she's already making plans for Valentines Day dude.