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YOU COULD ACTUALLY GO TO CULVER CITY Today I dashed out of the office begging Carrie to tell anyone looking for me that I'd be right back - and drove to Ralph's to raid their salad bar for lunch. What can I say, the Santa Monica location has a bitchen salad bar which also has fresh sushi and a decadent hot bar packed with meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac & cheese and green bean cassarole (nothing as good as Lloyd's cheesy bean tot extravaganza, but then what is?). On my way I thought to zip into Bed Bath and Beyond to grab a lemonade container. I'm in the throes of creating limoncello and need a receptacle to house the vodka as it marries with the lemon rind for 10 days. Today was a busy day at work, but I figured I'd whip in, grab a glass container and head to Ralph's before anyone missed me. I zoomed into a parking space next to the escalator, bounded down the steps to the store and rushed up to a nice old lady with a BB&B badge. Me: Hi! Do y