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JAGGED LITTLE LIFE First off, I've finally purchased Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill" from iTunes. Yes, I've owned it for years, but it was a cassette tape that a guy made for me in 1995. So, you can extrapolate that I've not listened to it since my Walkman stopped working around 1997. Shut up. Really. I'm apathetic to your derision of my outmoded listening to LPs on my turntable. Hey, talk to my dad, the big G-man about our trip to The Dells when he was cruisin' a blue station wagon with home-customized window tint.. hold on people... with a sweet 8-track tape deck.. yes that is how the cool peeps rolled... and we were about 60 miles outside Chicago when dad had hit his tolerance wall for the tape we couldn't get enough of. I'm ashamed to say that an 11 year old Ivy was stuck on Uriah Heep's Demons and Wizard. Daddy-o asked us several times if we could listen to the radio and Barb and I pulled the pre-teen drama crap that makes p
MAKE THE FACE We interrupt the Ivy self-absorbment hour for this brief message of explanation. Back in the 80s my mom learned of a new invention called collagen injections. She had treatments of collagen injected into the lines in her forehead. She had frown lines that emanated from between her brows and up onto her forehead. She described them as “antennas” and, dang if they didn’t look a bit like fine antenna lines. Collagen wasn’t perfected yet, however. She would get little lumps of red bumps where the collagen beads were under her skin, and the when they faded, her lines would be back. The expensive treatments never gave her smooth skin even temporarily. I thought they were bullshit. Now we rejoin the Ivy self-absorbment episode already in progress. I remember the knitting of mom’s brows, and a couple of months ago I saw myself doing it too. Sure, I know that my work is stressful, but then life in 2009 is stressful for everyone. You could have a well-paying ultra-busy job li