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IT'S OFFICIAL I'M AFLAME I was a slow reader when I was young. Then I fell in love with John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Then I couldn't find another book for quite a while that stirred the same feelings in me. Then I found Lawrence Sanders, Ian Flemming and Stephen King and before long, I always had a book with me. For years, at any given time I'll have 3 or 5 partially read books around the house. I don't have a lot of time to devote to reading, so it takes me a while to get through a book. Now there is Kindle. Ah. Kindle. It's re-kindled my passion for reading. EVERYWHERE! This year I received a Kindle for my birthday from my friends and it is a new world for me. I can download a book from anywhere. Poof! There it is. So far it hasn't even taken me a minute to download a book. The font is crisp and pleasing to the eye. It feels great in my hands and slips into my purse to save me when I need to fall into a book. The other day I was stuck in a
I CAN NEVER GET HOME So on Monday morning I wake up, brush and floss and head to the dentist for my regular cleaning. I hate them. Why? My teeth are clean. I'm not a plaque-builder, what can I say? When I finally got dental insurance years ago, I made an appointment for a check up and cleaning: Dentist: Your teeth are great! Nice and clean. When was your last cleaning Ivy? Me: um... like 10 years ago. Dentist: Oh my goodness! How unusual! How bizarre. You're very lucky. This year I've had massive dental work, all on my own dime after my insurance paid for my first crown. Add to that 1 provisional crown, 2 root canals and 6 more crowns and you have what I'd hoped to use for my adopted child's first year of college tuition. Poof! Ah. You're puzzling, "Hey, Ivy, I'm tripping over your contradiction. If you've got great teeth, why all the work?" Well, I'm a grinder. I've slept with men over the years who've never noticed that I
WAS THAT A SLAM? Today I was working with a creative designer on a guidebook that I've written, and I think I got dissed. Not actually sure though. You be the judge. Me: Wow! This is really great! Cal: I know. Me: Uh, yes. Of course you know your work is great. I didn't mean to sound surprised. Cal: Oh. I know. Me: That was just excitement. I feel like a proud mommy when my words get into print. Cal: I'm sure. Yes. Me: The only change I have is that the images are very small and the print is small too. Any way they can be enlarged a bit? Cal: I don't agree. Me: I see that you have lots of nice clean white space and big margins - it's just that the photos of exercises and food can be more effective if you can see them a bit better. Cal: They're fine as they are. Me: And now that I wear glasses, well, I've noticed that it's nice if print isn't quite that small. Cal: The font is an 8 point font and it's perfect. Me: Can you t
OH GUAVA, WHY YA GOTTA BE LIKE THAT? Recently Hudson and I discovered the new neighborhood farmer's market on the corner of Adams and Western. WOW! Awesome prices, delicious produce bursting with freshness and little 2 wheeled shopping carts to drag around. Even music so people can shake their thang while shopping. All good! I found myself confronting a luscious pile of guava. Or is it guavas? What is the plural of guava? See? Perplexing little fruit! I grabbed a couple and upon returning home I asked our housekeeper how to prepare them Gabrielle: Split like so, and lemon and salt. Me: OK. Then what? G: You eat. Me: Gotcha. Right. Here I go with the preparation of the guava. 30 seconds later. Me: You said split like "so"... I don't think I got the motion down. G: (taking the guava from me) she placed it on the board and sliced it in 1/2 Me: Great! Thanks! I ran to the front yard and pulled a lime off the tree - our lemons are all picked at the moment. Ba