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INTERROGATION LIGHTING My company has been in our new offices in a newly constructed building for a few months now, and I've noticed why we're all doing odd things with our lighting. Case in point: My office mate, the dulcet-toned ever amazing Carrie has taped over the automatic sensor in the office we share because the lighting is ghastly. Others have disabled their light sensors and have installed desk lamps. You name it, we've all done it. When I have to read something on paper (as opposed to on a computer screen), I have to jump up and manually turn on the light just on my half of the office. Hey, it keeps me on my feet because every 10 minutes it shuts back off and I have to jump back up. Although sometimes I can do a big wave with my arms and the masked motion sensor will trigger my light. Don't ask what I look like. I mean without all of the jumping and waving, I am the gal who sits perched atop a padded filing cabinet. It's a wonder I garner any respect at
MOVIES I DON'T GO SEE Last night I went to bed haunted by the movie Changeling. That is not the movie I thought it would be. And don't try using logic on me. I have no idea how I thought I'd enjoy a movie about a single mother whose son disappears and she becomes the victim of a labyrinth of evilness and corruption. Ugh. I like movies that take me away to some place I'd like to be. I like movies that make me laugh. I like movies that don't make me cry. Ha! Guess I'm batting 1,000 because I just returned Sunshine Cleaning to NetFlix which had me crying off and on for much of the movie. And nothing against Clint Eastwood. I love him. I'm a huge fan, but he tends to gravitate toward bleak material I'd say. Wouldn't you? Tonight I'm planning on curling up with the cats and the Kindle for purring and entertainment that doesn't involve child serial murder and cruel institutionalization. But hey, Amy Ryan was awesome as the brave woman in the me