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RRRRRRRGK! GAME OVER! Hey, I'm not one to get on a soap box and preach. I'm more the gripe and bitch type unless I'm slow on the uptake and then I just blog about what I should have said in a moment that slipped past while I stood there looking stunned and dumb. But I'm a vegetarian now. OK, I'm a pescetarian because I eat fish (thank god!). True, it's been quite a while since I've purchased meat to cook at home, but I've enjoyed gyros pizzas at Papa Cristo's and kept going for the chicken asian salad for lunch at the salad bar. No preaching... I didn't even expect anything world-changing last Friday when I curled up on the couch to watch my Netflix delivery "Food, Inc." Within 10 minutes I became a solid vegetarian in America unless I'm on a farm that raises animals healthfully and happily and then kills them humanely. So unless I'm on a lovely farm in Vermont and meeting Bessie the pig who then becomes a pulled-pork dinner