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Friday, February 05, 2010 What's up today? I woke up and scrambled around doing the usual morning chores when I noted that it was lightly raining outside. Yay! Strike watering the outside plants off my list! But an hour later, the rain got a BOO! from me because LA drivers can't navigate in moisture -- being that it is all, oh, let's see, wet, and droppletty and slick, and not dry, and reflective, and wipers are involved. Such babies these LA-ites.* But then I read about 2 car-related stories today and realize that sometimes cars just make people crazy. Exhibit A) Charlie Sheen's car called him on his cell phone after it plummeted to the bottom of a ravine near his home. "Hi! My airbags have been deployed. Are you in the car and need assistance?" He says it was stolen. Really? Really? Want to think of any other statement to make before we ask you to sign this one Charlie? Good heavens! Call up Martin, he'll get the straight dope from his kid. Martin&