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I had to rub my eyes and take a second look a NY Times article stating that a Judge has allowed a lawsuit to move forward against a 4-year old girl. What is the precedent you ask? Well the legal precedent is a 1928 case in which the US allowed a 5-year old to be sued. The current-day judge called to attention that the little tyke in this 2010 case was only 3 months shy of her 5th birthday. Right, why quibble? What could a 4-year old do that is worthy of a lawsuit? I mean my ex-husband talked his little brother into getting into the driver's seat of the family car, and while playing like he was driving, the little brother put the car in reverse which was enough to get it to roll backwards down their driveway and graze 2 parked cars before coming to rest against a tree and a telephone poll. Or maybe this little girl is like one of those evil little villains in horror movies like The Omen and was apprehended in her evil plot to overthrow all government so she could make way for