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Two weeks ago Hudson and I attended a film festival in Beverly Hills that was featuring his documentary. I hate schmoozing and hate crowds, so I perched on a little settee in the corner and let Hudson and his team mingle. I had several creepy individuals sidle up to me and ask if I was an actress. I shouted (over the roar of voices and music) that my husband is a director and his documentary was being screened. I guess I'm never ready for the depths to which some people will stoop, but their responses were basically, "Well, if you'd come back with me behind the VIP room, I could work on a development deal with you... you know, for a movie." What? People puh-lease! How drunk or drug addled do you have to be for that line to work? The evening was looking up when Hudson came back and announced that Gore Vidal was there. Dang! Not that I've ever read any of his screenplays or novels, but Caligula certainly left a mark on me - and it was pretty cool the way he squa