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So this past summer we had an incedent where we woke up in the morning to find beer bottles strewn around our back yard. Like all around the yard. And we have a pretty big yard. And that's not counting our two-story barn. Anyway, we hadn't had a party in weeks, and we don't have any beer-soaked bashes that would result in bottles discarded like party favors all over our property. Casually I asked our neighbors to the north   (not Canada, but the Pena's) if they had seen any bottles flying into our yard and they shook their heads, "No, we didn't, but if the bottles are Rolling Rock, it's Jim, a renter in the house behind you. He and his buddies live on that beer." Well, we reported it to the police because if Jim and his buddies are lobbing green glass projectiles over our fence -- where our children play -- then Jim needs a visit from The Long Arm of the Law. Turns out, the whole neighborhood has complained about Jim's dangerous and threatening